The Vatican have released information that the special Holy Year will be celebrated from Dec. 8, 2015, until Nov. 20, 2016.

The yearlong extraordinary jubilee also will include several individual jubilee days, which will attract several thousands of pilgrims in specific areas of Rome City.

Italian Emergency Management Services are getting ready to face the huge flow of people and potentially associated problems.

One problem is the treatment of patients which might be affected by minor diseases, without the need to transport them to hospitals for medical therapy.

The Italian Red Cross, on the base of experience gained in the past under similar circumstances, is alerting their network of PMA (i.e. forward, mobile, first aid post).

Each PMA is made by a number of tents, in general being inflatable type, variously combined together, and outfitted for the specific medical task to carry out.

LANCO tents will be once again in the forefront of the event.

Many Italian Red Cross agencies have already equipped themselves with LANCO tents, especially belonging to the ARZ, ARZ-H and AZF families.

LANCO is confirmed to be one of the leading companies worldwide, in supplying tents for field hospital and medical use.