NATO - Toxic Trip 2015

"Toxic Trip 2015" (TT15), is a multi-national and inter-annual exercise of the NATO in the field of Air Defence CBRN (Chemical Bacteriological Radiological and Nuclear).


The exercise is hosted by one different participating nation, every year.

In 2015, the hosting Country is Italy, and the event take place on the site of the 3rd Wing , It. Air Force.

Each national team shows its CBRN defence capabilities, in the specific contexts  of airport sites.

That does not involve only military.  As an example, it is simulated  the handling in transport security of an Ebola affected patient, by mean of an high safety,  biocontainment  system.

The TT15, now in its 22nd edition,  aims to increase interoperability in the field of CBRN AIR NATO members.

The Air Force, with this annual exercise, expresses all the technology acquired over the years in the protection of the country, showing skills certified by NATO and the aspects of "dual use", which imply the expression of technologies in support of institutional components (Ministry Health, Prefectures, Civil Protection, Fire Department, 118 etc.) in the case of territorial and national emergencies.

LANCO, an already supplier to the It. MOD,  participate to the event, with one display booth.

LANCO also exhibit two air beam tents, one of which is put to use as a "Media Operation Centre".