Proportional dosing feeder

Dosing unit

This non-electrical water driven proportional injection system enables the injection and/or dosage of detergents or decontamination solutions into the water flow (with On/Off function during operation). It is an ideal component for use in conjunction with the Water Flow Heaters, or even as an individual system. Constructed using a steel framework, its features include standard Storz-D Connectors, inlet filter, check valve and pressure gauge.

Injection rate 1% - 5%
Flow rate min. 0,25 up to max. 45 l/min. (2.700 l/h)
Water temperature max. 40°C
Operating pressure min 0,5 up to max. 9,7 bar
Dimension: ca. 575 x 285 x 675 mm (L x B x H)
Weight: ca. 10 kg