Water Management

Hot-Box with integrated dosing feeder

Flow capacity: approx. 50 l/min. maximum depending on water entry temperature 
Working pressure: 2 - 10 bar max. (integrated pressure reducer up to 6 bar)
Water temperature / adjustable hot water temperature: 30 °C to 70 °C
Flame control system: thermally controlled
Heater output: approx. 90 kW
Diesel consumption: approx. 7,8 l/h (during continuous operation)
Electrical connection / alternating current: 230 V / 50Hz / 0,3kW with 10m extension cord, plug IP68
Electrical Control System: 24 V low voltage
With build-in proportional dosing feeder able to work with soaps, lyes, alkaline and acidic media, dosing 1 - 5 %.
Epoxy coated steel frame with covering made of stainless steel,
4-wheeled chassis with solid rubber tyres
Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 890 x 570 x 800mm
Weight (net): approx. 65 kg (without tank contents)