Water Management

Water Supply Unit

This water supply unit is used for the reliable delivery of fresh water to the Water Flow Heater where a public water source is not available eg. from low pressure supply sources (tank reservoir, bladder, natural source etc). It can also be used where the public water network cannot provide enough water pressure. Constructed using a steel framework with a horizontally mounted centrifugal pump with stainless steel interior. Features include Storz D connectors, inlet filter and check valve, pressure gauge and automatic pressure regulator.

Technical Data

Capacity max. 70 l/min,
Suction depth max. 8 m
Working pressure max. 6 bar
Input pressure max. 3 bar
Operating water temperature max. 45°C,
Mains electrical connection 230 V/50 Hz/0,9 kW/6,7A
10 m electric cable /Plug IP54
Dimension: ca. 575 x 285 x 675 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: ca. 25 kg