Multi Purpose Tents

SG 201

4,00 m x 4,90 m = 19,60 m ²
Height side wall: 1,94 m 
Height at ridge: 2,70 m
Weight: approx. 71 kg
Packing size: 0,32 m³


Tent with aluminium frame and accessories.
Tent skin made of LANCO-heavy-duty fabric. Entrance in front and back gable,
gables are detachable and divisible, walls can be rolled-up to the eaves, 4 windows 60 x 40 cm incl. exterior shutter in panel 1 and 2, tent bag, accessory bag and bag for the frame.


The frame system consists of anodized aluminium tubes, diameter 40 mm. The connectors and base plates are made of an aluminium alloy. (all poles with a length of 1.94 m)

Wall thickness of 1.5 mm of the material AL Mg 4,5 Mn.
Yield strength: Rp0,2 = 330-340 N/mm2
Ultimate strength: Rm = 350-370 N/mm2
Peg, 20 mm diameter, hot-dip galvanised iron with top forged on, 700 g, 300 mm long
T-peg, galvanised iron, 300 mm long 
Peg with hook, galvanised steel, 300 mm long  

Tent skin

LANCO tents are made of LANCO heavy-duty fabric twisted cotton-polyester 50%/50%Yarn.

LANCO-heavy-duty fabric is permeable to the air, rot-resistant, water pressure proof laminated and is extremely tearproof as well as highly protective against UV-rays.


Connecting unit, chimney passage, divisibilty with loop closing, canopy, partition walls,
roll-up facility of one side or one panel
Window, tent skin
Window, inner cabin
Roll-up facility one panel 
Second entrance