Our inflatable tents are used multifunctionally by companies, fire services, rescue services, civil defence, the police and armed forces:

  • Mass casualties, Triage
  • Field hospitals and camps
  • First aid posts
  • Command posts, Radar dome (RaDome),
  • Decontamination and Hazardous goods operations
  • Accommodation and Catering
  • Weatherproof shelter for sensitive equipment and Workshops

Low Pressure - Self-Erecting

ARZ, AZF, AZF 6 and AZM – self-erecting inflatable tents with a completely inflatable frame. All supporting elements are made of airtight fabric. The tents can be set up by only one person using an electric blower or compressed air. 

Low Pressure - Hybrid Structure

ARZ H – hybrid inflatable tents have inflatable arches of airtight fabric. During assembly, aluminium poles are inserted between the arches. The tents can only be set up using an electric blower. Three people are required to set up the tent.