AZM - Inflatable Tents Modular

AZM 8-4 SR

Base area approx. 103,75 m² 
Width approx. 8,30 m
Length approx. 12,50 m
Height side wall: 3,16 m 
Height at ridge: 4,15 m

Weight: approx. 566 kg 

The AZM 8-4 SR is an inflatable, modular tent. In the length of 12,50 m it consists of 3 sections (modules) which are connected by zippers (tent skin), locking pins (inflatable frame) and hook-and-loop fasteners (Velcro, flooring). Additional central sections (module 2, centre) can be added to increase the length of the tent by steps of 4,80m up to 17,30 m, 22,10 m and so on. Minimum length is 7,70 m and is built with front and rear module only.

Each module consists of 3 load bearing parts: first the tent skin with integrated textile flooring, second the inflatable air beams with attached inflatable spacers and third the foldable aluminium tubes as additional spacers at the longitudinal sides. The textile covering is attached to the inflatable system by means of Velcro. The modules are delivered pre-assembled, only the aluminium tubes have to be fit during erection. The modules are assembled in the field.

Characteristics of utilised materials

All used fabrics are PVC-coated polyester fabrics which have different characteristics according to theirspecial application.The materials used to create the tent are sturdy and impervious to water and any humidity.
They are resistant to oil and grease, flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1/M2 resp.
UNI 9177:1987Classe 1.Due to their high temperature tolerance they can be used in nearly every climate between – 30°C up to+ 70 C. The whole material is fungicidally treated. UV-rays do not affect the fabric.
The fabric for the inflatable air beams with its 1100 g/m2 is airtight and has a very high tensile strength to withstand the inner pressure.
Additionally the tear resistance is very high so that in the unlikely event of a puncture or penetration by extrinsic forces the fabric shouldn’t propagate.The tent skin’s standard fabric has black-out capabilities achieved by a black middle layer in the fabric. Both surface coatings on inside and outside are white in the standard version.
The tent skin reliably excludes the sun light from the internal and provides the necessary shadow, reflects the sun and gives a light and friendly appearance inside. High tear resistance and tensile strength meet the expectation of a long-lasting cover always assumed the tent is treated carefully as described in this manual.


Tent skin of double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric in 3 different standard colours.
Other colours available on request.

NATO-green (olive)